Folding screens

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About the fascination of screens

Coco Chanel had seven folding screens in her Paris apartment. Some of the best known designers of the last century like Eileen Gray or Michel Frank considered the screen as an integral part of their interior design concept. Yet another protagonist of the folding screen was the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The enduring popularity of the folding screen over two thousand years has been due in part to the fact that it absorbed influences from a variety of cultures. Its attraction also derives from a psychological dimension – by blocking certain perspectives from view it stimulates our curiosity through concealment. By shielding and protecting rather than showing and exhibiting, a screen makes a warm and comfortable ambiance.

The charm of the folding screen is its ability to focus attention and elicit curiosity. It at once creates intimacy and lends a distinctive flair. The screen impacts luxury, comfort and warmth. It is an ideal decorating element to set the scene for individuality.

Photos: Christoph Radl

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